We politely request customers bring their vehicles including wheels into us having been cleaned.

If your vehicle is stored with us whilst your wheel refurbishment is taking place, we will initially appraise the vehicle for any existing noticeable damage. Any damage found will be highlighted to the customer.

Once this has taken place we will either secure the vehicle on one of our 4 fully maintained hydraulic lifts or placed on axle stands.

A 35 point quality control check list is created that follows the wheels throughout their refurbishment process.

Tyres are checked for wear, bulges and internal structural damage. Again, if needs be we will contact you should there be any concerns or issues. Once the tyres are off the vehicle they are securely stored in a tyre storage rack, all tyres are labelled to ensure they are refitted exactly to the same position on the car.

Wheels are then checked for any buckles or cracks.

The wheels are then stripped of any existing paint followed by a full and thorough sand blasting process, degreased and any damage removed.

The painting process can then commence starting with a de-gas oven bake procedure (which removes any impurities and moisture). Once this procedure has been finalised, we apply the base powder coat.

The wheels are then returned to the oven and baked. The next part of the process is to apply the colour.

The wheels will then be finalised by being powder coated in hard wearing clear lacquer and baked again. The overall finish is as hard as glass!

The wheels are cooled, inspected for any imperfections and finally hand polished.

The tyres are then refitted, rebalanced and a final quality control is implemented.

The Diamond cut process is similar but receives a face cut process prior to the lacquer application.

Our procedure